Monday, February 13, 2012

Pratt Cats

by Anne Smoral

These are pictures I took during my time at Pratt Institute.
The Chief Engineer of Pratt’s Historic Boiler Room adopted cats.
The other Engine Room workers fed and cared for the cats.
They were our campus cats (Pratt Cats) and each cat had its own personality and area on campus where it hung out.
The photographs are sentimental with a personal story.
A story about cats that provided the Pratt students, faculty, workers
and other
people with unconditional love.
Sam and Stepsy

Big Momma

Frank, The Head Cat

These framed photos were donated by Anne Smoral for our “Unconditional Love: Cats and Dogs” February art exhibit silent auction to benefit a local "No Kill" shelter.  Bidding ends Feb. 25th at 4pm.

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