Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cat and Dog Spaceship

Love Travels Through the Universe
by Lorin Easton
Unconditional love is what I sought
You infected me with all the love that you brought
I don't know where you came from, but here you are now
I expect that you'll stay for a while
 to fill my life with a bark and meow
You'll want to play all day and sleep all night
And push my buttons when the time is right
Your wisdom teaches me everyday
That I must honor our bond always and today
When I see you off
you better look to me and say with might
“Your stars are my stars and we are always in sight”
Traveling through infinity passing your constellations
Making a new home in your space station
You'll see amazing things and live free among the stars
Spreading more love to galaxies afar
Try to swing by every now and again
I'll watch for your ship on clear nights above the terrain

This mixed media piece was donated by Lorin Easton for our “Unconditional Love: Cats and Dogs” February art exhibit silent auction to benefit a local "No Kill" shelter. Bidding ends Feb. 25th at 4pm.

Lorin Easton

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