Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Richard Della Costa: Spill Box

The Shoe Factory Art Co-op announces their March/April art exhibit, “Richard Della Costa: Spill Box”. Located in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts, the gallery will display numerous assemblage works created by artist Richard Della Costa for his debut show.

"Memories are Fading"

As is true of many assemblage artists, Della Costa searches for and collects a plethora of found objects to use as his art medium and to spark his imagination. Many of the discarded relics that provide him with inspiration have percolated to the surface of an old landfill near his country home in Kendall, NY.

"Killers of Boys"

With pieces of junk, bits of metal & glass, antique objects, animal skulls & bones, vintage photographs & newspaper clippings, Della Costa conceives, arranges, and constructs three-dimensional collages. Most of the works he assembles inhabit old wooden crates, or boxes he has built himself. Others are not enclosed in boxes, but are sculptural in form. Themes that run through his pieces stem from his vision of our world as being chaotic and violent. Della Costa is influenced by 20th century American assemblage artist Joseph Cornell, as well as European Dada artists Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann, and Hannah Höch.

Della Costa has found time to focus on his artwork since his recent retirement from Rochester City School District. He taught Media and English Language Arts at STEM High School for the last decade. He was previously a Media Coordinator and Film instructor at Visual Studies Workshop for over 17 years. As a young man, Della Costa became involved with the Peace Corps. He served for 15 years, first as a volunteer in India and Guatemala, then as a staff member in Washington, DC. He got his Bachelors in English and Theater from Niagara University and his Masters in Education from SUNY Brockport.

"Café Goebbels et La Resistance"
Also on display in the Shoe Factory Art Co-op gallery will be a variety of additional artwork created by House Artist members.  

Show dates: First Friday March 4th 6-9pm, Second Saturday March 12th 12-4pm, First Friday April 1st 6-9pm, Second Saturday April 9th 12-4pm. Free admission.  Artwork available for purchase.

Location:  The Shoe Factory Art Co-op, 250 N. Goodman St., Studio 212 (second floor of the Anderson Arts Building) Rochester, NY 14607 
Website:  www.shoefactoryarts.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shoefactoryarts

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/theshoefactory

"Nagasaki Through the Bombsight"


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  2. I love Richard Della Costa's work. And the man himself is just as interesting.