Monday, July 30, 2012

Crow Show

The Shoe Factory Art Co-op presents their August art exhibit "Crow Show"! 25 artists have created a variety of artistic interpretations of the notorious black bird in the form of paintings, sculpture, mixed media, glass, photography, and poetry.

Artists from Rochester and the New York region have submitted original artwork to “Crow Show” as well as artists from as far as Washington, Texas, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, and New Jersey.  

Participants include Jolene Beckman, Phil Bliss, Terrah Bretherton, Beth Brown, Indiana Brown, Nils Caspersson, Nancy Jo Gambacurta, Erin Hall, Aubrey Hedrick, MJ Iuppa, Angelina Kidd, Cathryn Leyland, Treelee MacAnn, Brandi Marino, John Midla, Stacy Mrva, Christopher Priority, Nancy Radzik, Richard Roberts, Angelia Salerno, Chris Schnaufer, Sally Stormon, Mary Taylor, Colleen Virdi, Allison Whitley, and April Younglove.
The public is invited to an artists’ reception on FirstFriday, August 3rd from 6-9pm.  Crow themed music compiled by Shoe Factory member Stan Merrell will be on the c.d. player and Hamlin poet M. J. Iuppa will read some passages from her independently published chapbook “As the Crow Flies”.  Artwork will be available for purchase.  Free admission.
The Shoe Factory Art Co-op is located at 250 N. Goodman St., Studio 212 (second floor), Rochester, NY 14607. 
Exhibit hours:  First Friday, August 3rd from 6-9pm, Second Saturday August 11th from 12-4pm, and every Wednesday 12-5pm thru August 29th

Contact:  Director, Beth Brown
Phone: (585)732-0036

"After Winter Comes Spring" Lithograph by Erin Hall

"When the Crows Come Back to Auburn" watercolor by Sally Stormon

"I Belong With You" oil on canvas by Aubrey Hedrick

"Caucus" watercolor by Richard Roberts

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