Saturday, May 5, 2012

Write About Art

A big thank you to local arts writers! 

There are a number of writers in Rochester who are covering art news, but there is so much going on in this town, more writers and photographers are needed to document these activities and keep the public informed about our rich arts community. There are so many artists, art venues, art exhibits, and artwork to be explored!

The most recognizable local writers are news journalists Stuart Low from the Democrat & Chronicle and Rebecca Rafferty of City Newspaper.  They both do a fantastic job of reporting and reviewing local art related news, but they certainly can't be expected to do it all.

Here are some other publications of note to add to your arts reading list:

The Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester publishes a slick quarterly arts magazine called Metropolitan.  Since 2005, the publication has featured articles on regional artists, innovators, cultural organizations, exhibits, performances and events.  Council president Sarah Lentini pens each and every article herself!

Lake Affect magazine, a labor of love published by Michele Cardulla, has been around since 1994.  This independently owned biannual artzine seeks submissions of artwork, photographs, fiction writing, poetry, and essays to fill its pages.  Interviews with artists, writers, musicians, and other interesting personalities are featured in this alternative arts community digest.

Troy Smith and Victor Gomez's Subculture magazine focuses on tattoo art and culture, with additional articles on music, fashion, sports, film, dance and other visual arts.

Jaylynn Little provides a platform for aspiring artists pursuing fashion, music, and art in her magazine SOULife.  She challenges her readers to "dream, create, and inspire".

These local literary efforts generate informative and interesting reading for art enthusiasts.

As director of The Shoe Factory Art Co-op, I started this blog The Shoe Horn with the intention of writing about the many art exhibits we have in our gallery and the professional, emerging, and re-emerging Rochester artists that have walked through our doors.  We've had a variety of works of art in our shows worthy of commentary. 

I'd like to make The Shoe Horn as active as possible with a well rounded overview from different local writers.  Contributors are welcome to cover goings on at The Shoe Factory Art Co-op and around town, preferably visual arts.  If you would like an outlet to write about art, please send your writing submissions to my attention  We have many an art exhibit to be covered and many an artist to be interviewed!

~Beth Brown

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